Scheduling your customers into services can take significant time from you and your staff. Consumers are increasingly more comfortable identifying the services they're interested in, finding the times they can attend, and paying for it online all without ever speaking to a vendor. Let's walk through the process to setting this up for your business.

Service Settings

First open the Custom Settings menu.

Select Services

On each Service there is a "Settings" tab which will have several options depending on the service type.

Publicly Listed

This will add the service to your public client booking calendar

Payment Settings: Required

If selected, your client will need to pay for the service before the booking is confirmed.

Payment Settings: Optional

If selected, your clients will be registered, an invoice will be generated and they have an option to pay for it at that time or a later date.

Payment Settings: Deposit

Similar to requiring payment it requires the client to pay before they can complete registration. This setting allows you to set a portion of the invoice (in percent) that you require to be paid before a client can register.

Booking Interval (Individual Services Only)

For individual services, this will show the time slots that are available to be booked every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

Intake Form

If you have Intake Forms set up, adding one here will ensure that the form is filled out during the booking process. If the client has already filled the form in the past, it won't ask them to do it again.

Open Enrollment

Allow your clients to book into a pre-defined number linked linked group bookings starting at any time.

To allow your customers to book a service, set the "Publicly listed" setting for that service ON. On a basic level, this is all that needs to be done to allow public booking.

Individual Service Availability

For Individual type services, your clients can create the bookings on your calendar. To ensure they're added within the time ranges you offer that service, you'll need to set their Booking Availabilities.

Group/Series Bookings

For Group and Series type services you'll need to add them to your calendar before your customers can book these services.

Global Settings and Customizations

There are some additional global settings that will affect your client's booking ability. From the Account Settings tab click on Client Self-Booking you'll find some settings which apply to all services:

Minimum Booking Window

The minimum number of hours needed to book a service. ie. If set to 24, to book for 3pm tomorrow, your customer must book by 3pm today.

Days in Advance

The maximum days in advance that a customer can book a service. Default set to 365 days. ie. if set for 60 days, a customer can book a service up to 60 days from now.

Allow Cancellation

If set to "Enabled" this will allow your clients to cancel a booking via the Client Portal.*

Cancellation Window

The minimum number of hours in advance that must be met in order for your clients to cancel a booking. If set to 24, to cancel a booking tomorrow for 3pm, your customer must cancel by 3pm today.


To provide access to your clients you can provide them with the Public Link (Account Settings > Links/Integrations > Client Bookings), which will provide them with access to all services that you have marked as publicly accessible.

Each service also has a direct booking link which can be sent to provide access to book that specific service. This will allow anyone to book that service, even if it's not enabled on the public booking page.

The Client Self-Booking Process

Now that you have your services, bookings, and availabilities set up, let's take a look at the process for your customers. Whether your clients hare booking through the public portal, the client portal, or the widget on your website the process is the same:

Date/Time Selection

This page differs slightly for Individual and Group/Series bookings:



For Individual bookings your customer is selecting the time that a new booking will be created. For Group/Series bookings they are adding themselves to a booking that already exists in your calendar.

Customer Information / Intake Forms (Conditional)

If at least one of the following conditions are met, your customer will enter this process:

  • The email address collected during the Date/Time Selection is not recognized and therefore they're a new customer.

  • You have associated an Intake Form to the service and the customer is new or has not filled out the form already

If either of the above is true:

  • New customers will be asked for their first and last name so that a client profile can be created.

  • The associated Intake Form will be displayed for them to fill out

Pet Selection

A list of their pets will be shown for them to select which pet(s) will be associated to the booking. For Group/Series bookings any pets already associated will be blocked out.

NOTE: Upon selecting the pet(s), if your customer is making this booking via the Client Portal and they have credits available for the service being booked, they will automatically be reserved for the booking and the process will jump to the Booking Confirmation.

Package Selection (Conditional)

Package selection is a conditional step that will occur if:

  • You have a published package that contains at least one of the service currently being booked.

It will display a list of available packages that contain the service being booked:

Your customer can continue without selecting a package, or select one of the packages available.

Payment Collection (Conditional)

The payment page is a conditional step that will occur if one of the following conditions are met:

  • You have set "Payment Required" or "Payment Deposit" for the service being booked

  • Your customer selected a Package in the previous step.

NOTE: For either of these options to be available, you must have a Stripe account set up in BusyPaws.

In this step they'll be presented with a credit card form powered by Stripe:

If the payment succeeds, they'll be shown an accepted message. This ends the booking process.

Booking Confirmation

At the end of the booking process, they'll be shown a confirmation and will receive an email with their booking details.

That completes the customer booking process! We hope your calendar is filled and your time managing your appointments reduced!

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