This guide will cover manually adding bookings to your calendar for Individual, Group and Series services. Note that for your clients to self-book into Group or Series services, you must first add them to your calendar to create the slots. Your customers can create the bookings themselves for Individual Services.

Go to the New Booking Form

Start by clicking the "+" button in the bottom-right and select "New Booking".

This will bring you to the New Booking form. There are three cards which are important to take note of:

  1. The Service card: Here you can select the service you're booking, its price, who will provide the service, and locations/rooms/kennels (if there are any)

  2. The Day/Time card: Here you can select the day(s) and time for the booking. It will also display a calendar showing you if you have any other bookings on the day you've selected for the booking.

  3. The Customer card (Only for Individual Services): Select the customer to associate to the booking and their pets. Additional client information may show here.

Selecting the Service to Book

The Services card has a few items for you to select from, depending on how your account it set up:

  1. Services - All of the services that you have setup and are currently active, will be shown here for you to select from.

  2. Locations/Rooms/Kennels - If you have multiple locations or any rooms/kennels, they'll be shown here. Selecting one will place this booking within that location/room/kennel.

  3. Provider - For accounts with more than one user, you can select the user to associate to this booking. Users are not assigned to Boarding services.

  4. Price - When you select the service, the price will default to the default service price. You can adjust the price for this booking here. For Boarding services, this is the nightly price.

Setting the Dates/Times

Once a service has been selected, a calendar will appear for you to select the day and time of the booking.

  1. Day - Select the day on the calendar that this booking will occur.

  2. Time - Select the time of the day for this booking

  3. Duration - The time in minutes from the start of the booking, until the end.

  4. Checkin (Boarding) - the time the pet will be checked in on the first day.

  5. Checkout (Boarding) - the time the pet will be checked out on the last day.

If you had selected a Series, a set of these options will be shown for every Step/Service in the Series.

Recurring Bookings

At the top of the "Day + Time" card is a button for recurring bookings: Recurring

Clicking that will open a menu to set the recurring frequency for the booking. There are a few options for recurring bookings to repeat on:

  • Weekly

  • Bi-Weekly

  • Monthly

Selecting Weekly or Bi-Weekly will open a second menu for you to select the days of the week that the booking will start to occur on. For example, if you select bi-weekly and Tuesday and Wednesday, the booking will be added to every other Tuesday and Wednesday starting from the date that the current booking is set to start.

The last step for recurring bookings is the end date. You have two options:

  • Occurrences

  • Date

If selecting Occurrences, type in the number of times this booking will be repeated until it stops. If you want it to occur this time + 4 more, enter 4.

If selecting Date, choose the date that the bookings will end on.

Selecting a Client/Pet for Individual Bookings

If the service you had selected was an Individual service, the Customer/Pet tab will be available. This tab lets you do a number of things important to Individual bookings.

Let's start by selecting a client from the menu - if nothing appears, you can type a client's name into the search box, like so:

After selecting the client, if there are any pets on their account, they will be shown here. You may select a pet to associate to this booking.

Additionally, if you're making this booking from your desktop or laptop computer, more information on the client will show up to the right of the form. This will include information like any credits they have available, their most recent bookings, and any notes on their account.

Two important functions from the Customer/Pet tab are:

  • Use Credits

  • Invoice Now

These can both be found near the top of the tab. If there are credits available for the service selected, you can reserve one by toggling the switch on.

If you choose Invoice Now and invoice for the booking will be sent as soon as it is added to your calendar.

Adding Clients/Pets for Group/Series Bookings

For Group or Series bookings, customers/pets are added from the attendance tab on the booking page:

The "Add Customers" button will open a menu where you can search for and select customers and pets to add to the booking. Once added to a booking in the group, they can be added to future bookings by clicking the "+" button.

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