Series are most commonly used for dog training group classes where your client subscribes to a multi-week program. Often these are 4-6 week programs which occur at the same day/time every week and may contain different Services for each class. So how do you set this up for your clients?

First Step: Add a Training Group Service

If you haven't already, start by creating a Training Group service. Use this guide to set one up and head back after you've done that.

Create the Series

You can think of creating a Series here as creating a template for your group classes. We'll start by creating a template for our 4 week Puppy Training class.

Let's travel to the Series Management page. From the "Custom Settings" menu:

Select "Series"

Then click "New Series" in the top-right. You'll see a new interface with some familiar inputs.

Series Name

This will be displayed to your customers when they're selecting the services they're booking for. It's a good idea to keep it short and concise.


The description will show after they've selected the Series from the menu. Help your customers understand what they'll learn by booking this Series.

Default Price

The price that will be automatically inserted when you add a new Series to your calendar. This can be changed before committing it to the calendar.


The total capacity for each class/day/time in the Series. This can also be adjusted before committing the Series to your calendar.

Name the Series "Puppy Training First Start", set the default price to $400 and the capacity to 10.

Below that you'll see the interface to add services/classes/days to your series. It looks like this:

Each service, class or day in a Series is a Step. Click the "Add Step" button 4 times so that we can create our 4 week Puppy Training program. A selection menu will show up for each step:

Select the group service "Puppy Training Level 1" for each step, then click "Create Series" and your new Puppy Training Series has been created!

That's it! You can now add your new Series to your calendar! Follow this guide for adding bookings to your calendar.

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