Every pet care business has several services within their offering - not all fit as a Service in BusyPaws. Some of these may be combinations of Services, Memberships, or Series. This article will walk you through understanding what a Service on the platform is, and how you can use it to keep track of your clients and schedule.

What is a Service?

Put simply, a Service would be anything that your client would want to book with you for a specific period of time, and that you'd like to track independently. ie. A puppy training, small dog groom, or a meet-and-greet.

What doesn't fit as a Service?

Services that wouldn't fit here would be add-on services, like a nail trim, or a group class package which might continue for several weeks.

OK, How do I set them up?

First, let's travel to the Services Management page. From the "Custom Settings" menu:

Select "Services"

Then "New Service"

There are a few Service Types that can be selected. Each with different functionality, these will also help to categorize and organize your services within the menus elsewhere around the site.


Allows you to create Individual, Group and Series bookings. Training bookings will show on the main calendar.


Boarding services allow you to create multi-day bookings with check in and check out times and have their own interface to view current bookings. Boarding bookings will not display on the main calendar.


Allows you to create individual bookings that will show on your calendar.


Enables Group bookings which will display on your calendar.


A flexible service type which can be Individual or Group bookings. Will display on your calendar.

Service Name

This will be displayed to your clients when they are registering for this service. As well as on your calendar.


This will be displayed to your clients when they are registering for this service.

Group Service

If this is a service that you can accept multiple clients at the same time, turn this on.

Default Pet Limit (For Group Services)

Will populate a default pet limit when adding a group booking.

Default Price

This will be used to set the price for your client bookings. It can be modified when you are adding bookings to your calendar. For Boarding services, this price is used as a price per night.

Default Duration (Not Boarding)

Same as pricing, it is used to set booking time slots, but can be modified on a per-booking basis.

Default Checkin Time (Boarding)

Set the default checkin time (will be applied automatically to client self-bookings)

Default Checkout Time (Boarding)

Set the default checkout time (will be applied automatically to client self-bookings)

Once a service has been added, you may now perform many actions within BusyPaws. Check these guides for more information:

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