When opening your calendar to clients booking Services, you probably don't want them booking at 11pm at night! This guide will help you understand how to set booking windows for each of your Individual Services.

Note: Availability can only be set for Individual type services. Availabilities set here affect what your clients are able to create on your behalf, and clients can only create Individual bookings themselves. They can only book into Group Services or Series that you've already added to your calendar.

Checking Current Availabilities

To find the current availabilities for your Individual Services, first open the "Custom Settings" menu at the bottom-left corner of the page.

Then select "Services".

Each Individual Service will have an "Availabilities" tab with a list of the team members currently assigned to it and their respective availabilities. Clients can book appointments with team members during the available times as set in their schedules.

Adding a New Schedule to a Service

To add a new team member or schedule to a specific Service, start by finding that Service on the main Services page. Open the "Services" page from the "Custom Settings" menu.

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to filter the Service list by type (Training, Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, or Other).

Once you have located the Service you want to edit, click the "User" button located next to "Assign" at the top-right of the Service card.

Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up to select the Team Member Schedule you would like to associate with this Service, then click the "Add Team Member Schedule" button.

Step 2. Select the Staff Member schedule from the drop down you would like to associate with this service in the pop up.

The added schedule will now be listed under the Availabilities for the Service.

In the example pictured above the Individual Dog Training Service now allows for two time slots in the range shown, one for Bob Doe and one for Jane Doe.

Adjusting the Available Times for a Team Member

Click the pencil icon next to a team member's name to edit their availability for the Service. Use the trash can icon to easily remove their availability.

For more information on adjusting a specific team member's schedule, see our Staff Schedules & Availability guide.

Assigning Rooms

The Room setting located next to "Assign" at the top-right corner of the Service card allows that Service to be restricted to a specific Room. Though Services do not need to be assigned to a specific Room, this setting can be helpful for limiting capacities when scheduling multiple Services concurrently. Clicking the the "Room" button for a Service will open a pop-up with any available Room options.

Select one or more Rooms to assign to the Service. Selected Rooms will be highlighted in purple, deselected Rooms will be grey. When finished, click the "Save Changes" button to apply the Room assignment.

Note that the pet Capacity for each available Room will be listed next to its name. See below for the steps required to create new Rooms and adjust capacity settings.

Setting Up New Rooms and Adjusting Room/Kennel Capacities

Rooms and Kennels allow you to break your Services down into specific spaces and to limit your capacity when accepting bookings. The Capacity settings for a selected Room may restrict available spaces to the total capacity of the Room, which may span across several Services. This will in turn affect the ability (or inability) to book concurrent Services.

To create a new Room or Kennel or edit the Capacity of an existing space start by selecting "Custom Settings" from the bottom-left of the screen.

Then open "Rooms / Kennels".

All of the current Rooms and Kennels are listed on the Room / Kennel Management page, along with their current set Capacities. Use the "Add Room / Kennel" button at the top-right corner of the page to add a new space.

Set the Type as Room or Kennel using the drop-down menu. Rooms can be assigned to Training, Daycare, Grooming, and/or Other Services, while Kennels will be available for Boarding Services.

Enter the name of the room and add the relevant capacity information. Note that Rooms have two separate settings that restrict overall capacity, each in their own way.


This setting restricts the number of pets able to be registered in the Room within the same time slot.

i.e. If the Large Room has a capacity of 10 pets and there are already other Services booked there at that time, it will reduce the availability for additional bookings. In this case, if 10 other dogs were booked into the Large Room at 10am there would be no 10am slot available for Individual Dog Training.

Concurrent Services

This setting restricts the number of Services that can be booked in the Room at the same time.

i.e. If the Large Room has its Concurrent Services maximum set to 1 it will not allow multiple bookings to be scheduled at the same time, regardless of whether the pet Capacity has been reached or not. If a Group Service with 4 dogs was booked into the Large Room at 10am there would be no 10am slot available for Individual Dog Training.

Kennels do not have a setting for Concurrent Services, and will display only the field for pet Capacity. When scheduling Services in the Room, any time period for which either capacity limit has been reached will no longer be available for booking.

Use the up/down arrows to adjust capacity limits, or simply type the new limit into the text box. When done, click the "+ Add" button to create your new Room/Kennel.

You can also adjust the Capacity or change the name of any existing Room or Kennel by selecting its name from the list on the Room / Kennel Management page.

Use the text fields and up/down arrows to make any desired changes, then click the "Update" button to save the new settings.

The Isolate Option

The Isolate setting can be found on the Availabilities tab for any Individual Service. Each team member schedule associated with the Service will have its own "Isolate" toggle, located just underneath the team member's name.

Turning this option ON (purple) makes the Service independent for that team member, prompting the system to ignore all existing bookings for other Services with that user. This means that a user's scheduled bookings for another Service will not affect the ability to book the Isolated Service at the same time.

Note: Other Services not set to Isolate will still take into account any bookings on the Isolated Service. i.e. If Individual Dog Training has the Isolate setting turned on for Bob Doe, but Individual Puppy Training does not, clients will be able to book an Individual Dog Training session with Bob even if a Puppy Training session has already been booked for that time. However, if an Individual Dog Training session has been booked with Bob, that time will not be listed as available for a Puppy Training session.

We hope this gets you started on the path to lowered administrative burden!

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