Waitlists help you keep your bookings filled and reduce cognitive overhead of keeping track of who needs to be notified. The waitlist in BusyPaws is an easy-to-use list of clients who have been registered for a specific service or booking and an automated process to notify them when bookings become available.

Settings to Enable Waitlists

Your team is always able to register clients to the waitlist, and the clients will be notified when services are available for self-booking. However, for your clients to self-register for the waitlist the setting must be turned on. There are two locations for the waitlist setting:

Account Setting

From Account Settings > Account Settings, there is a toggle switch for "Waitlists". By turning this setting on, your clients will be able to self-register for any service that also has waitlists turned on.

Services/Series Setting

You can control which Services or Series a client can self-register for a waitlist. This setting can be found on the Services or Series pages (Custom Settings > Services/Series). It can also be found by clicking the "Set Waitlist Services" button from the Account Settings page.

Note: Clients are only able to register for the waitlist on Group services.

The Waitlist Index

The waitlist management page can be accessed by clicking the Waitlists icon on the left side menu.

There are three tabs to explore here:

  • Waiting: This is a list of all clients that are currently waiting to be placed into services. If they've received a notification of available services, it will be noted here and they will not be notified again. If they're no longer waiting you can complete it to move them to filled or remove them from the waitlist

  • Filled: These are clients that were on the waitlist but then had registered for that service or booking.

  • Expired: These are clients that were waiting for a specific booking but were unable to be registered.

Registering Clients for the Waitlist

There are two types of waitlist reservations, a Booking waitlist and a Service waitlist.

Booking Waitlist

A client can self-register for the waitlist for a specific booking if they're booking online and that booking is currently full. When a space opens, they'll receive a notification of availability.

Service Waitlist

If a client is attempting to register for a service, but there are none available within your booking window they will be able to register for the waitlist for that service.

Your team can also register clients on a service based waitlist from the Waitlist Index. They're able to select the service and the client to register.

When a client is registered on a Service based waitlist, they are notified when a booking becomes available within your client self-booking window. This window can be set from the Account Settings > Client Self-Booking settings page.

Notifying Clients on the Waitlist

Notifications are automatically sent to clients on the waitlist that have not been notified of availability. Once they've been notified, they will not be notified again.

For the two types of waitlist registrations:

  • Booking Waitlist: Clients are notified when there is space available for that booking.

  • Service Waitlist: Clients are notified when there are bookings within your client self-booking window that are not full.

The content for the notification email can be adjusted in Custom Settings > Message Templates.

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