Open Enrollment bookings allow your clients to register into a set number of bookings within a recurring group, and choose what day they start.

This can be enabled per service, this feature go Custom Settings > Services and find the applicable Group/Class Service that you would like to enable this for. It must be a group service with either a Training or Other service type.

From the service that you want, the Settings tab will show with a toggle for Open Enrollment, click that and a text box for the number of consecutive bookings will appear. If you want your clients to register into 5 bookings when they register, enter 5 here.

Now, when adding a recurring group of classes to your calendar, your clients will be able to pick the day they start and be booked into the following 4 bookings.

NOTE: The registrations are linked to the grouped recurring bookings and not all bookings of that service. For example. I create one recurring booking that occurs every Monday at 1pm, and a second recurring booking that occurs every weekday at 1pm (both for the same service). When a client registers for that service it will only select the bookings within the recurring group they've selected (either the Mondays group, or the every weekday group).

That's it! You're ready to accept Open Enrollment bookings!

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