Every pet care and dog training business has at least one form they need their clients to fill out before any services are delivered. In BusyPaws, Intake Forms are an integral part of the client management process, you can be sure that your forms will always be filled and there is no additional data entry necessary.

In this guide we'll look at a few steps:

Let's walk through establishing a simple client agreement that collects basic client and pet information, and includes a custom field for the client, and a vaccination for their pet.

Adding Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to track any information on a Customer or a Pet that you would like. Additionally, they can be added to any intake form to allow your clients to enter and update that information for you.

For an in-depth look at custom fields, check out our Custom Fields guide.

After following that guide, let's add some fields to an Intake Form.

Creating a New Form

Start by navigating to the page where we can set up Intake Forms. Open the "Custom Settings" menu at the bottom-left.

Select "Forms and Contracts".

Choose "New Form/Contract" from the menu options at the top-right.

There are a few fields in this form, let's take a look:

Form Name

The title for your new Intake Form. This will be visible to your clients.

Legal Text


A full text area where you can add any text, images, or links. Typically this describes the need for the fields below or can be exclusively legal text, like a contract or release that requires a signature.

Input Fields


Here you can add your custom fields, or the standard fields already established to your Intake Form.

Note: These can be rearranged by using the grab bars on the left side of the fields. Simply click and drag them into the order you'd like them to display in.

Accept Terms Checkbox


If selected, this will add a check box on the intake form that says:
"I have read and agree to the above [Form Name]"

Request Signature


If selected, this will add a digital signature box to the bottom of the form.

Let's create a simple form with a few fields, including the fields we created in the Custom Fields guide. Here's what our filled out form looks like:

Notice that I've marked some of these fields as "Required" - this will ensure that my customer cannot complete the form without filling those fields. After submitting the form we'll get a preview of our new form:

Toggling the "Required" field on an intake form listed on the "Forms and Contracts" page will make this intake form required no matter what service your client books, or if you book them for a service.

In the email that confirms their booking, if they haven't already filled out your required forms, they will receive a link asking them to fill them out. You can check a client's profile to see whether or not they have filled out your required form(s). Clients still still needing to fill out the form will have a yellow badge next to their name:

Next, let's get our customers to fill our New Client Intake form.

Sending Intake Forms

Let's head back to Jane Doe's profile page. I want her to fill my newly created form. Click the "Send" button at the top right of the page.

Our new intake form will show here, click it and then click the "Send Email" button. That's it! An email with a link to fill out our form has been sent to Jane. When the form is filled and submitted, all of our custom fields on Jane's profile will be updated.

Collecting Forms During the Booking Process

Many Dog Trainers, Daycares or other Pet Care businesses have multiple services and need to collect information specific to that service. You may create as many intake forms as you need and use any of your custom fields. By using the "Settings" option for a specific program on the "Services" page, you can require the desired intake form from clients wishing to register for that service:

Now, anyone booking our Puppy Training service will be required to fill out our New Client Intake form before they're able to book the service. Intake forms can also be applied to Series programs by using the "Form" drop-down menu under the desired program on the "Series" page.

Note: If they're an existing customer who has already filled the form, they won't be asked again.

Filling Forms

Unfortunately not all customers read their emails and fill our forms before they arrive. Not to worry, we can still have them fill the form in when they arrive. Back at Jane's profile there is now an "Intake Forms" tab:

It lists our new form. When we click it we can see that it hasn't yet been filled and it's asking me if I'd like to fill the form:

If I choose that I am filling it, the form will be displayed in this window and any Accept Terms checkbox or Signature fields will not be shown. This is so that I can fill the form on their behalf if needed. If I choose Jane a new window will open with our form.

Embedding Forms in Your Website

Embedding an intake form in your website is as easy as placing a single line of code wherever you want the form to appear. Note that any forms filled outside of the Self-Booking or Send Form processes will automatically add fields for the customer First Name, Last Name and Email so that a client record can be created or found.

From the "Forms and Contracts" index page, each form will have its own code. At the end of the row is a </> Copy Code button. Clicking that will add a <script> tag to your clipboard which can be placed into the HTML of the page you want to place the form in. BusyPaws does the rest to generate the form on the page.

Reviewing Filled Forms

Back at Jane's profile I can review the completed form.

I can also see that a new pet was added and that their vaccination records are up-to-date.

If for any reason I need a customer to fill out a form again, I can delete it by clicking the garbage can icon in the top-right of the form then send it again.

That's it! Use Forms to ensure you get the information you need to manage your business efficiently.

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