Custom fields are an integral part of your customer management process. They allow you to update and view information important to you and your business.

There are two base types of custom fields, a Customer Field and a Pet Field. The functionality between the two are mostly the same, however they differ in where the information will be stored. For this example our customer will be Jane Doe and our pet will be Kiwi.

Let's navigate to the area where we can set up Custom Fields. From the "Custom Settings" menu:

Select "Intake Forms"

You'll see three tabs, click the "Customer Fields" tab to begin:

Default Customer Fields

There are already some fields established for every Customer on your account, they are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

These can be added to Intake Forms to collect from new customers.

Default Pet Fields

As with Customers, Pets have some default fields already established. Click on the "Pet Fields" tab:

  • Pet Name

  • Breed

  • Sex

  • Species

  • Birthday

These are enough to get started, but I'm sure they're not enough to collect all of the information you need for your business. Let's explore adding new fields.

Adding a New Field and Field Types

Click the "Add Customer Field" button in the top-right:

The form here has a few fields for you to enter and choose from:

Field Name

The name of the field you'll be collecting information for. ie. "Spouse Name".

Form Question (Optional)

The question that will be displayed if this field is added to an Intake form. ie. "What is your Spouse's name?"

Note: If this field is added to an Intake Form and the Form Question field has been left blank, the Field Name will be used instead.

Field Type

The data type for this field.

There are several different Field Types available for you to choose from. Each will display a different input field when updating information. Here's what those look like:


Large Text


Multiple Option


Single Option



True or False

Vaccine (Pet Only)

Let's add a Client Field:

And a Pet Field:

Now let's edit our customer, Jane Doe, and our pet, Kiwi, with these new fields.

Adding and Viewing Custom Field Data

If we navigate to our customer profile for Jane and then click the Edit button we can see our newly created custom field:

And when we view Jane's profile the client card on the left side will show your custom data:

The same is true for our pet, Kiwi:

We hope this will enable you to add all of the information you need to know to run your business and keep it all in one place!

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