With your point-of-sale card reader authenticated with Stripe and BusyPaws you can accept all forms of card payments in-person and automatically reconcile invoices in the same was as an online payment.

Process Payments

The action button in the bottom-right will now have a new option for you to select:

"New Payment" will bring you to a screen to process in-person payments. Once loaded, BusyPaws will attempt to connect to the card reader on the same WiFi network as the computer or mobile device you're accessing BusyPaws from.

When connected you'll see the following near the top of the page:

If the connected icon is not displayed you will be unable to process any payments. Please ensure the card reader is turned on, authenticated, and connected to the same WiFi network.

Once connected you may select or search for an existing customer from the customer menu, or input information for a new client. First Name, Last Name, and email are required to set up a client account.

If selecting an existing client, you may also select an unpaid or partially paid invoice from their account. If an existing invoice is selected, the totals will be updated to reflect the totals of the invoice.

If creating a new invoice, you may select and add line items you would like to charge. Once the card is processed, a new invoice will be generated with the information entered here.

When satisfied, you can alter the payment currently requested using the field at the bottom of the page. This will not alter the total for the invoice, only the total collected right now.

When finished, click the "Send to PoS" button. This will notify the reader that you're ready to accept the card on the device. It will display the total being charged and request the card to be inserted or tapped.

Once processed, the reader will notify BusyPaws of the status of the payment, if accepted BusyPaws will generate the invoice and reconcile the payment against it. You've now charged a card in-person! All other functionality is the same as any other payment in the system.

Refund an Interac Payment (Canada Only)

If a payment on an invoice was processed with interac it must be refunded in-person via the card reader to the same card the charge was issued to. Interac refunds cannot be processed via the Interac network in any other way.

When an invoice has an Interac payment, the refunds window will display an additional option. First visit the page for the invoice you would like to refund. Click the "Refund" button in the top-left. Then click "Refund on PoS".

A page with all Interac payments on this invoice will be shown with input boxes for refund amounts on each. Here, too, you will need to have the reader turned on and connected to the same WiFi network as the device you're connected to BusyPaws on.

Enter the amount you would like to refund into the box and click the "Send to PoS" button. The reader will display the amount to be refunded and request that the card be inserted, the customer may need to enter their PIN to authenticate the card.

When completed, the funds will be returned to the card and your Stripe account debited. The invoice and payment will be marked as Refunded.

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