To begin accepting payments with your new card reader it must be digitally assigned to your account. This is done via an authentication process within BusyPaws. Before that, however, there are a few steps to take care of on the device itself.

Install the Battery

When you first receive the device, install the battery. With the back of the device facing you, lift up from the indentation at the bottom left corner to detach the back cover. Insert the battery by sliding it into the exposed slot with the gold connectors at the top aligned.

Charge it! And turn it on.

After the battery is in place, charge the reader by using an outlet. Connect the reader to power by plugging the provided cable into the port with the lightning bolt symbol.

After the reader is fully charged, hold down the power button on the right hand side until the screen turns on. After the device powers on, press the power button to sleep or wake the device. To fully power off the device, hold down the power button until the power off option is shown on the screen, then select it.

In a countertop deployment, leaving the device on for extended periods is expected. With a full charge, you can expect the battery to last about eight hours.

Connect it to your WiFi network

When first starting the device it should ask you to connect to your local WiFi network. If you don't see the networking screen you can access it by entering the settings screen.

To open the settings menu, swipe right from the left edge of the reader screen to reveal a settings button. Tap the settings button and enter the admin PIN 07139. From here, you can update your WiFi settings or generate a pairing code for device registration. Battery status is displayed at the top right of this screen. To close the settings screen, click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Your WiFi network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected. Non-password-protected networks or enterprise networks are not supported. If needed, you can set a static IP on the device from the Wireless settings screen.

Because the BBPOS WisePOS E is a smart reader, its reader software communicates directly with Stripe, managing connectivity through a LAN. The reader must connect to the same local network as your point of sale application. If you’re running into issues connecting your reader to the internet, follow the troubleshooting steps to diagnose the issue.

After successfully connecting to your WiFi network, the reader will connect to Stripe and download any available software updates. After this, you're ready to authenticate with BusyPaws.

Authenticate with BusyPaws

With the device connected to the internet it should display a pairing code on screen. If this is not shown, try shutting down the reader by holding the power button. Then restart and re-sync.

With the code in hand click on "Account Settings" in your BusyPaws account and then on "Point-of-Sale Systems". You will see a list of the readers you currently have on your account. In the "Status" column there will be an input box for you to enter the pairing code - enter it exactly as shown on the card reader.

Once BusyPaws and Stripe authenticate the device, you're ready to accept payments!

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