Point-of-Sale card readers can be purchased with an active subscription, and require an active Stripe account linked with BusyPaws.

Before purchasing, please be aware that the readers require a local wifi network to connect to and communicate with Stripe, and must be connected to the same network the host device is connected to (the computer or mobile device you use to log into BusyPaws with).

To place an order click on "Account Settings" in the bottom-left, and then on "Point-of-Sale Systems". Click on the "Order Device" button in the top-right.

Note: To access this page you must:

  • Have an active BusyPaws subscription

  • Have your full address assigned to at least one Location on your account

  • Have a valid phone number listed in your Account Settings

More details on the device will be listed on the order page. If you have multiple locations set in BusyPaws please select the location the device will be used at. It will be shipped to, and assigned to this location.

Choose the number of devices you require (1 is usually enough for each location), and place the order. The system will charge the card we have on file and a order will be placed for the device. You'll receive a confirmation of the order and further notifications when the device(s) is shipped.

Receiving your new card reader should take no more than 7 business days.

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