Creating and using discount codes is a simple process that requires one step by you, and one by your client. There are a few short sections to this guide:

How to Create a Discount Code

First travel to the Discount Code page via the "Custom Settings" button in the bottom-left. Then click "Add Discount Code" in the top-right.

Here you'll see a form with a few inputs, let's review:


Name your discount code something easy for you to identify. Only you will see this name.


Enter a code that you would like your clients to enter to redeem their discount. The code they enter must match this code exactly to be redeemed, so try to keep it simple. Something like '10OFF' is easy to enter.


Enter the amount the discount will be for. This can either be a percentage or a fiat currency amount - be sure to select which from the buttons beside the input.

Press the "Create Discount Code" button when finished.

That's it! Your discount code is now ready to be redeemed. As long as the "Active" flag is turned on it will be available to your clients.

How to Redeem a Discount Code

There are two locations where a customer can redeem a discount code and apply it to their invoice: During the Online Booking process if "Require Payment" is turned on for the service, and on the payment page if a customer is mailed their invoice for payment.

Both pages contain the same fields that look like this:

This field will only be shown when your account has discount codes that are active.

To redeem a code, all your customer needs to do is enter the code as you've set it ("10OFF"), and then click the "Apply Code" button. If the system finds a matching active code, it will adjust the invoice and the client can continue to pay the invoice if any amount is remaining.


Notes and Things to Remember

Some things to keep in mind when using Discount Codes:

  • The code entered by your client must match exactly the code you have set

  • If the discount exceeds the total for the invoice, the invoice will then be set as "No Charge" and no payment will be requested.

  • Discount Codes cannot be redeemed on Memberships

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