Automatically sync your BusyPaws customers and invoices to your QuickBooks Online (Intuit) account. No more double entry.

Setup Instructions

1. You will need to be logged in as admin of your BusyPaws account to get started. Get started by navigating to the integrations settings page:

Account Settings > Links/Integrations

2. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button

3. Login to your QuickBooks Online account authorize BusyPaws.

4. Configure how you want BusyPaws to sync with QuickBooks Online


What it does

Default Income Account

Select the default QuickBooks income account you would like BusyPaws to use. In the case where BusyPaws creates services for you (either manually requested to do so or automatically) this will be the income account that those services are associated to on creation.

Use corresponding invoice numbers

When enabled - when creating invoices - invoices will use the same invoice numbers assigned in the BusyPaws system

When disabled - invoices created in QuickBooks will autogenerate their own.

Automatically manage service mappings for me

When this setting is enabled - BusyPaws will automatically create services in QuickBooks for you that map to your services in BusyPaws.

For eg. If you have a BusyPaws service called 'Dog Training' - BusyPaws will create a service in QuickBooks called 'Dog Training' and associate this service to the Default Income Account specified above.

When this setting is disabled - you will see all BusyPaws services listed out. You can then assign the mappings manually.


Map the tax rate that you have set in BusyPaws to associated tax rate in QuickBooks.

5. Sync Invoices & Customers

Set Initial Date to Sync Customers & Invoices from.

Set the initial date to start syncing customers & invoices from. Click on Complete Setup. And you're done! BusyPaws will start back-filling invoices & Customers from the initial date that you set.

Happy bookkeeping :-)

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