Ensuring that communications to your customers match your brand voice is a key component to aligning your customer experience from start to end. There are a few easy steps to customize the automated messages that are sent via BusyPaws, let's take a look!

Let's navigate to the area where we can customize your Message Templates. From the "Custom Settings" menu:

Select "Message Templates"

Here you'll see a few default templates of different types:

Booking Cancellation

Sent when a booking is cancelled by a user or a client self-cancels a registration

Booking Confirmation

Sent any time a customer registers for a booking, or is added to one manually.

Booking Followup

Sent 12-24 hours after a Booking's start time. By default, this message is turned off.

Booking Reminder

Sent 24 hours prior to a Booking's start time.

Client Portal

Manually triggered via a customer's profile page via the "Send" menu. Used to provide the link to the Client Portal and to allow them to Set/Reset their password.


Sent when payment is requested.

Payment Receipt

Sent after an invoice is paid.

Waitlist Email

Sent as a notification of availability for a waitlist

Welcome Email

Can be manually sent from a Prospect's profile page.

You may add additional templates for Booking Cancellations, Booking Confirmations, Booking Followups, and Booking Reminders. Each template can be associated to specific services. For example, if we have the default Booking Confirmation it will be sent anytime a customer is booked into any service. However if we add a new template for an additional Booking Confirmation and associate it with our Puppy Training service, it will be sent instead of the default template when a customer books a Puppy Training service.

Let's take a look.

Edit a Template

Click on the default Booking Confirmation template to enter the editing view.

Here we have a few fields that we can edit:

Template Name

This name is for your reference only, it will not be seen by your customers.

Type (Custom Templates Only)

When adding or editing a custom template (and not a default template), you have the option to select: Booking Cancellation, Booking Confirmation, Booking Followup, Booking Reminder, or Waitlist

Services (Custom Templates Only)

For custom templates you can select which services this template will be sent for. Default templates will always send for all services unless there is a custom template available.


The subject line of the email


The body content of the email. It can include media and attachments, but note that these may not display well on all devices. Use text as much as possible.

You'll notice that there are some characters included in the default text that look like this: {{first_name}} , these are dynamic content fields that will be replaced with the customer's first name when the email is sent. To add some yourself, first type two curly braces '{{' then a menu will pop up with the currently available dynamic options. When selected, it will automatically add the content correctly for you.

After you've saved and updated your template, try testing out the email by clicking the paper plane:

This will send a copy of the email to the email registered for the profile you're logged in with. Any {{first_name}} or {{last_name}} tags will be populated with our test client, Jane Doe.

Happy templating!

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