Any staff member can easily subscribe their calendar software to You can sync your BusyPaws calendar with Google Calendar (Gmail), Microsoft Outlook, iCal, any iOS device or any Android device.

Note: Only events that a staff member is assigned to will show up in the calendar they are subscribed to. If a staff member connects their calendar directly to Google Calendar - BusyPaws provides two additional options. The first option is to perform a two-way calendar sync where all events in the calendar mark you as unavailable for online booking. The second option is to sync all boarding bookings with your calendar.

Step 1.

Click on Your Name in the top right of screen and on Profile.

Select you Busy Paws Profile

Step 2.

Select your calendar provider.

Select which calendar to sync with Busy Paws

Google Calendar Options

When you connect with the Google Calendar integration you will have with two additional options available.

Two Way Google Calendar Inegration

Block off my availability when other events appear in my google calendar

When this option is enabled, BusyPaws will perform a Two Way calendar sync where it syncs your non-Busypaws events into BusyPaws and automatically marks you as unavailable for online bookings. Your event names remain private to your team and will display as Your Name is Unavailable in Google Calendar.

Sync all boarding bookings to my google calendar

When enabled all Boarding bookings will sync with your Google Calendar.

Help! Which is option is for me?


How it works

Google Calendar (Gmail)

This is the most robust and functionality-rich integration with BusyPaws. This option provides a two-way sync to block off your availability automatically according to your calendar. Additionally, it provides an option to sync all boarding bookings.

Click on the Google Calendar option which will prompt you to sign into your to Sign In with google account. Select your account and go through the consent screen. Please make sure you opt-into the requested permissions when connecting your calendar. Your bookings will now automatically sync with your account. (Hotmail / Any Microsoft Account)

This will open a direct link to your account. If the direct link to doesn't work you can connect manually with this this official guide.

This Device

Some phones and computers will have a setting in the web browser which know which calendar you use. (For eg. Safari on mac will open iCal). Give this a go and follow the on screen instructions. If it doesn't open your calendar proceed to the Manual Subscription option below.

Manual Subscription

If all other options fail - try this option.

Most calendar programs have the ability to subscribe to a calendar link subscription.

You can try these guides:

iPhone / iPad

Google Calendar (Gmail)

Android Phone

iCalendar (Mac Computer)

Important: If you use Google Calendar (Gmail) and want to sync directly to your phone. The best option is to use the direct google integration and sync your phone directly with your google calendar.

Happy syncing! If you have any trouble syncing your calendar - don't hesitate to contact support. We are here to help!

Troubleshooting Tips for Google Calendar

Problem: Help! My Google Calendar didn't sync any of my bookings or stopped syncing.

Solution: Disconnect your Google account and reconnect. Please make sure you have the following permission selected when on the Google connection consent screen:

Sync your Google Calendar with Busy Paws

Problem: Help! When I have the block off my availability option set for my Google Calendar. Sometimes it does / doesn't block off my time?

When the Block off my availability when other events appear in my google calendar option is enabled it will only block off bookings where the visibility is set to Busy. When it is set to Free then the calendar event will not be blocked off in your calendar. You can edit this setting by editing the calendar event directly in Google Calendar

Google Calendar : Visibility Setting for BusyPaws Availability

Setting in Google Calendar

Setting in Mac OS Calendar

Problem: Help! How do I remove the direct link integration from my Google Calendar?

Navigate to the main calendar page:

Find your BusyPaws calendar in the list and click the X button at the bottom left:

How to: Unsubscribe your calendar from BusyPaws

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