Automatically sync your BusyPaws customers and prospects to your Mailchimp account.

Setup Instructions

1. You will need to be logged in as admin of your BusyPaws account to get started. Get started by navigating to the integrations settings page:

Account Settings > Links/Integrations

2. Click on Connect to Mailchimp button

3. Login to your Mailchimp account authorize BusyPaws.

4. Configure which list you want BusyPaws to use and what tags you want BusyPaws to use. When the listed events happen (ie. Contact Created) - BusyPaws will tag the corresponding contact with the associated tags. You can configure these tags in the setup screen. You can use tags to filter who you send newsletter campaigns to in Mailchimp.

Set the initial date to start syncing customers & prospects from. Click on Complete Setup. And you're done! BusyPaws will start back-filling customers & prospects from the initial date that you set.

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