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What Can You Do With a Membership?

Customer memberships can be a useful tool for managing your customer process and experience. They have a few core uses:

  1. Provide access to Courses

    1. The only way to view your course content is for the customer to possess a membership that provides them access to it.

  2. Provide access to Services

    1. Memberships that also have services assigned to them allow members to book those services via the Client Portal, even if those services are not enabled for public booking

  3. Issue Credits

    1. You can issue credits for services at intervals that you choose. ie. Every month provide 2 credits for Puppy Training.

  4. Charge recurring billing

    1. When purchased, you can set it to charge the customer the membership price at the frequency you set. ie. $50/month for 6 months. Note: The payment processing fees increase to 3.4% on recurring billing.

Creating New Memberships

Let's navigate to the area where we can set up your memberships. From the "Custom Settings" menu:

Click on "memberships"

Then "Add Membership". The form here has several fields to adjust your memberships, let's review them:


The name of this Membership


A description to describe to your clients what the membership gives them access to


The price charged at the frequency set. ie. If choosing a monthly frequency, this price will be charged every month


The frequency to charge the membership. One-Time, Weekly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Yearly


The number of charges that will be made at the frequency set. ie. If monthly for 7 months, the client will be charged 7 times and then the membership will expire.


Adding courses to a membership will give your clients access to them when they hold this membership.


Adding Services to a membership will allow your clients who hold this membership to book those services via the client portal even if they're not publicly accessible.


Will provide credits to those who hold this membership. There are a couple of extra fields here:

Frequency: Allows you to determine when to issue credits. One-time (when the membership is purchased), weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Expire: For credits given weekly, monthly or yearly they will expire when new credits are issued. ie. Provide 1 credit every week and expire it after a week if not used.

Once the membership is created you may "Publish" them to make them available for your clients to purchase.

What Happens When an Active Membership is Edited?

When you adjust memberships that have currently subscribed clients, those changes take effect on everyone who currently holds those memberships - except for pricing. Pricing for a currently subscribed member will never change.

If you add or remove access to courses, it will affect everyone who holds that membership.

Selling or Assigning Memberships

Your clients are able to purchase any of your published memberships via the Membership Purchase page. To access this page go to "Custom Settings" and then "Links and Integrations". There is a link there that you can use to send to your clients. There is also a widget to add this to your website so that your clients can remain within your website.

If you'd like to give your clients memberships without needing them to purchase and subscribe, you can do this from their customer profiles. On the left side there is a menu listing their active memberships.

Click the pencil icon to bring up a menu to select memberships you'd like to add to their profiles. Note that this skips the payment/subscription portion of the membership functionality.

Canceling or Pausing

From the client's profile you may cancel or pause any membership. Click the pencil icon to bring up a menu to edit the existing memberships.

Pausing an active membership will stop charging the client but will not extend the membership duration. Canceling will remove the charge and remove any access to the associated services and courses. Note: From the client portal, your clients can cancel a membership at any time, if they do, their access is immediately revoked.

Memberships are a great way to manage your customers and access to your services and content. Let us know how you'd like to use them in your business!

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