Messaging is a critical component of any pet care business, consolidating your client communications into a single place so that you and your team can get up-to-speed on the status of any client quickly is an integral part to the platform.

There are 3 locations where messages can be sent and viewed: The Message Index, the Customer Profile, and the Booking pages. Let's take a look at each.

Message Index

On the left menu click the Messages icon:

If you haven't sent any messages yet, the screen will be blank. It essentially works the same as other email programs with your customers and messages on the left side with the content and a reply box on the right.

Try sending a message by clicking the New Thread button in the top-right:

A new message window will pop up:

Sending messages from BusyPaws is similar to any other messaging system. Where it's different is that here the persons being sent messages must have a customer profile in your account. Each message is then recorded on their profile.

When you receive a reply to a thread, a red notification icon will appear next to the messages icon to let you know that there are unread emails.

Customer Profile / Booking Page

Sending an receiving emails from the Customer Profile or Booking page is very similar and can be done from the messages tab:

Only the customer you are viewing, or customers part of the Booking will be messaged via this interface.

Additionally, on the Customer Profile any automated system message will also be recorded here for you to review. Your customers may reply to these messages as well.

Note: You can send messages to multiple customers at the same time, each customer is sent an individual email addressed only to them, creating a new thread for each customer. Replies to the thread will only be sent back to you and not to the other customers in the original message.

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