Credits are a useful tool to sell packages of services and to track where clients are in their class schedule. Let's take a walk through the functions and use of credits. In this guide we'll cover:

Credit Types

BusyPaws has two types of credits built in:

  • Cash/Gift Card

  • Service

Cash credits can be used against any invoice to reduce the subtotal by the credit amount. Remaining balances are left on the invoice to be charged.

Service credits are tied to the Services they're for and can only be used on bookings where the service is the same as the credit.

How to Create Credits

There are four potential paths to creating new credits:

  1. Generating an Invoice

    1. From the customer profile you can click the Invoice button to create a new invoice. When adding a Service, Series, or Package to a line item it will add the associated service credits to the customer's profile.

    2. You may create an invoice with a line item for Gift Card / Cash Credit. These line items will not have taxes applied or allow discounts.

  2. A client self-registers for a booking

    1. Credits are generated and associated to bookings when a client registers for a booking.

  3. A client purchases a package

    1. When a package is purchased, credits are added to the client's profile for all of the services within the package. One of these credits is automatically reserved for the service the client booked when purchasing the package.

  4. An admin manually adds a credit to the customer profile

    1. Visit a customer profile and click the "Credits" tab:

    2. Then click "Add Credits". This will open a form for you to select which services you'd like to add credits for.

Credit Status

From a client's profile you can see the status of all of their credits. The table places their credits in columns based on their status.


Credits are held in a pending state when they've been issued by an invoice and that invoice is unpaid. Pending credits cannot be used for bookings.


Credits available to be reserved for bookings.


Credits that are assigned to bookings. If a booking is cancelled, the credit will return to the available pool.


Credits that have been used by a finalized booking.


Credits that were available but have expired by the use by date associated with a Package or Membership.

Reserving Credits

There are three paths for reserving credits:

  1. When a user creates a new individual booking:

    1. When adding a new booking for a client, if the client has credits available to be reserved for the service being booked a toggle for "Use Credits" will display above the submit button. Selecting that will reserve credits for that booking once it's created.

  2. From a group booking page:

    1. For group bookings if a client has credits available for the service being booked, it will show a yellow credit icon next to the check-in button on the attendance tab. Click the menu to the right and choose "Reserve Credit" to reserve a credit for that booking.

    2. At the top of the page will be buttons for "Use/Reserve Credits" clicking that will use/reserve credits for all clients associated to the booking.

  3. When a client self-registers via the Client Portal:

    1. If your customers are registering for services via the Client Portal and they have credits available for the service being booked, credits will automatically be reserved for that booking.

Removing Credits

Sometimes it's necessary to manually remove credits from a customer's profile. To do this, visit the customer profile, then click the credits tab, and finally click "Edit Credits".

This will present a form with all of the credit balances where credits are still available. Edit the total to a new value for the amount of remaining credits you want.

Using Gift Cards / Cash Credits

Gift Cards and Cash Credits cannot be reserved on a booking, but they can be used to pay for invoices. To use a gift card / cash credit:

  1. Generate or visit an invoice you'd like to pay

  2. Click on "Process Payment"

  3. If a credit is available a new payment type will be shown: Gift Card. Select this payment type and the total value of the client's Gift Card balance will be shown

  4. Enter the amount you'd like to use to pay for the invoice. It will default to the maximum available or the total amount to pay for the invoice, whichever is lower.

  5. Click on "Process Payment"

This will debit the customer's Gift Card balance for the amount entered and process a payment on the invoice like any other payment type.

Using and managing credits is an invaluable component to utilizing the power of BusyPaws. May you never lose track of a customer again!

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