This guide will cover adding the booking widget to your website.

If you have questions or are unsure what you need to do, please do not hesitate and contact us in-app for us to help you.

What are the steps?

To integrate the BusyPaws Widget, visit the Integrations tab in the Account Settings.

First, visit the Account Settings

Then Links/Integrations

Finally to the Integrations tab

This will add a button that will transform into a booking widget directly from your website. Add the below <script> tag inside the <head> tag of each page you'd like your customers to be able to book from. This tag is unique to you and will only show bookings for your business

<title>Paws of Love Daycare</title>
<script src="https://portal.b..." api_key="12.." ...></script>

What does it look like?

Once set up, it will appear as the 'Book Now' button in the lower right

Your customers click and then make bookings for single-customer services like an in-home pet consultation or sign up for group services like daycare that you have scheduled in the upcoming days. Series are also offered through the booking widget in which a customer will pay for a set of classes.

I want to add a Customer Portal link

The Customer Portal is for your customers to make new bookings, see their schedule, and access the course content you provide with Memberships. The Widget and a link can be added to your website at the same time.

To add a link, follow the steps in What are the Steps? above to add the <script> tag under Client Portal / Memberships on the same page as Client Bookings. If you've already done this for the Book Now Widget, then you can skip this step.

Once you have the script above added to your page, the next step is to add a class to any <button> or <a> tag you want to have this functionality. To enable your users to subscribe and pay for memberships, add the bp-membership-registration class, to enable logins from your website add the bp-membership-login class.

Like this: <a href="#" class="bp-membership-login">Sign In</a>

That's it! Happy selling!

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